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Just Listen Podcast: The Interlopers

Hector Hugh Monroe, also known as Saki, is famous for his tongue-in-cheek commentaries on the upper classes and the quick, startling way in which many of his stories end. To compare today’s story, “The Interlopers,” with other Saki works, look for “The Open Window” and “The Schartz-Metterklume Method” here on Just Listen.

A story’s omniscient narrator knows everything that happens, and why. This type of narrator is not a character in the story but an outside observer who can tell you what each character is thinking and feeling.

As you listen to today’s story, pay special attention to the information the narrator gives you about the two characters’ pasts.

The narrator of “The Interlopers” makes us think that events are leading one way--up until the story’s very end. Prepare to be surprised.

“The Interlopers,” by Saki…we begin….