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Two Moms, Two Dads, and Everything in Between!

June 21, 2022

Here at Nashville Public Library, we love to celebrate Pride month with the whole family! We have an impressive selection of Children's books featuring LGBTQIA+ protagonists available for checkout! Some of my favorites are the titles that star Queer characters in the most matter-of-fact ways possible, engaging with their everyday lives and enjoying their families. These types of books show that being a part of LGBTQIA+ identifying communities transcends every aspect of life, and that people of all gender identities go through similar and intertwining paths. 

Bathe the Cat!

In this new book by Alice B. McGinty, Dad, Daddy, and the whole family embark on one disorienting undertaking: cleaning the house. Grandma is headed into town, and Daddy delegates the various tasks amongst the family, spelling out each one with letter magnets on the fridge. Mop the floor, scrub the dishes, vacuum the rug, feed the fishes, mow the lawn, sweep the mat, rock the baby, and bathe the cat. 

Bathe the cat? Uh-oh. We all know how much cats hate water. This sneaky feline outsmarts the whole family by perching atop the fridge and SCRAMBLING up all of the tasks into a jumbled up, confusing list of chores! Feed the floor? Sweep the dishes?! Everyone is fumbling to complete their ridiculous list, and on top of this, the cat continues to rearrange the words in an effort to avoid getting mowed, vacuumed, and caught! 

Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle

Nina LaCour's adorable picture book, on the other hand, chronicles one child's week with her Mama as they cope with Mommy being out of town for business. The rich, line-drawn imagery entices readers into their loving home where they share breakfast, snuggles, and FaceTime with Mommy. Each day, Mama and her child go about their daily tasks: grocery shopping, sipping treats at the café, and bringing packages to the post office. But nothing is the same without Mommy!

During a walk past the community garden, our protagonist has an idea! She decides to pick flowers and make a lovely bouquet to surprise her Mommy, who gets back on Sunday. She and Mama craft a 'Welcome Home' banner and pick one special flower for each day of the week that they missed Mommy. When her Mommy arrives back home, she and Mama come to greet her, flowers in hand. Mommy comes in for a kiss, but the little one turns her away, at first. She recalls all of the lonesome days, her Mommy's empty spot at the table...until Mommy tells her just how much she was missed, and soon enough, the three are sharing another warm embrace! Reunited.

Celebrate Pride at NPL!

Whether your child prefers a silly story full of laughs, a heartwarming family-oriented book, or anything in between, NPL has something for everyone when it comes to Pride and representing diverse families. Check out some of the titles below, which also include LGBTQIA+ folx in varying contexts! Happy Pride, everyone!

Caroline Cronin


Caroline is a Bilingual Literacy Assistant for Bringing Books to Life! She is passionate about accessibility and language justice and loves to share stories and art with friends of all ages. In her free time she enjoys singing, cooking, teaching and practicing yoga, and roller skating.