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For the Love of Bees

July 2, 2020
bees on pink flowers

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of flying insects that could sting me. However, I know how important bees are, and I’m actively working on not screaming and running in the other direction when I encounter one. Of course, having a two year old helps because I don’t want to influence his perception of them.

If you, like me, are bee averse, you might find the following books both helpful and informative as you teach your child about the wonders of nature. For instance, did you know that many bees specialize in one plant species? According to the San Diego Zoo, “in areas where different flowering plants bloom at the same time, this keeps different bee species from fighting over the same flower!” 

Here are some books for different age ranges that your child may enjoy.

B is for Bee

This is a great introduction into the world of bees and the letter B for little ones. Perfect for small hands, too, because it’s a board book!

These Bees Count!

Learn all about bee farming and what bees do while also practicing and reinforcing your child’s counting skills.

It's a Good Thing There Are Bees

Do you have a new reader in your house who loves nature? Try this book to support both their burgeoning skills and love for bees.

Give Bees a Chance!

A hilarious (and relatable) informational picture book all about how magnificent bees truly are!

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Cassie is a Children's Librarian at Edmondson Pike Branch Library. She can often be found reading books and singing songs, and not just at the library! Her favorite thing to do at the moment is cuddle her baby while they read phenomenal picture books and earn Read to Rise points.


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