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Encouragement is Key!

May 28, 2019

When we think of raising children to be the best that they can be, we think of teaching them every single thing we can stretch into our time. Oftentimes, when we talk about teaching them the things they need to know, we think of popular mainstream subjects such as math, reading, science, and history. But, we also need to be encouraging them to be what they want to be, growing up and finding what makes them happy too.

Peter Reynolds has made one of my all time favorite books to encourage children, telling them that they are so much more than they can even fathom. In The Dot, Vashti insists that she can't draw. Her art teacher tells her to do any little thing she wants, so Vashti makes a dot. Her teacher asks her to sign it and hangs it up in the art room. This book inspires me because it's says you can do whatever you put your mind to and things aren't as big as we make them seem.  [[nid:5212]]

Painting Pepette is another great book in which a girl walks around Paris trying to find someone to paint her stuffed animal for the wall of family portraits. But, none of the professionals do a good job. At the end, she finally realizes that she is the best artist to paint Pepette because she knows the rabbit best. [[nid:5214]]
Maybe yoru child wants to give the world their talent of music. Because by Mo Willems does a wonderful job of showing all of the steps that it takes to perform at the symphony hall, from the people that clean the hall and open the doors to the music librarian having copies of the score for the musicians. It starts with just a little girl that only got to go to the symphony hall with her aunt because her uncle was sick. She eventually grows up to share her own music with the world. [[nid:5218]]
Encouraging your child's imagination can take them so far in life, mainly because it can lead to encouraging them to follow their dreams as they grow. We teach them so many things in their lives, why not teach them to be creative, to be kind, to be happy, and to be the best them possible? [[nid:5217]] [[nid:5213]] [[nid:5215]]



Candice is a Children's Library Associate at the Looby Branch Library. She enjoys gardening, reading children's books, rainy days, and cheese. She spends much of her time at the library, but she's not mad about it. Check out when and where you can attend Story Time!