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What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?

April 23, 2019

Something that happens quite frequently in my house is bringing up the newest science information about dinosaurs. My husband has been obsessed since he was born, which means he can tell you about pretty much any kind of dinosaur and different facts to describe it.

By obsessed, I mean he can tell you what two or more animal noises come together to create the dinosaur sound in the Jurassic Park movies. (He told me I was the bigger nerd of the two of us last week. Do you agree?) 

Luckily, there has been a huge influx of books and toys of dinosaurs since we were kids. Whether your child wants to learn about dinosaurs or just really loves the idea of them, the library has books for you! We have anything from picture books with silly stories to big encyclopedias to tell you every single detail. With most children, it's not necessarily that they don't enjoy reading, you just have to find the perfect book that is in their reading level and that interests them, which is why it's so helpful that there is so much information and so many books about dinosaurs now.

Some of my favorite dinosaur picture books include: [[nid:5097]] [[nid:5098]] [[nid:5101]] [[nid:5100]]

Some of my favorite non-fiction dinosaur books include: [[nid:5095]] [[nid:5096]]

Whether your child decides their favorite dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Velociraptor, or a Stegosaurus, we have books so they can learn even more. We even have books that go with the Jurassic World movie so that they can find their favorites and learn about them. [[nid:5102]]

Whatever your child may want to read about dinosaurs, from birth to adulthood, it's likely we have something for them. Just ask your local librarian!

What's your favorite dinosaur? Our's is the T-Rex. [[nid:5099]]