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Sealed with a Kiss!

February 5, 2019

Have you ever read a book that you just want to hug when you finish? And maybe not let anyone else touch it until you’re ready to let it go? Maybe that's just a children's librarian thing? Anyway, I had that experience with Sealed with a Kiss by Beth Ferry.

Seal moves to the “national zoo” from a small zoo in France. She waits for the other animals to come and welcome her but she waits and waits with no result. After several days she decides “I must stop zee waiting and start participating” and sets off walking adorably on her back fins carrying a sardine in her mouth. She kisses and snuggles Rhino, Panda, the baboons, and a few other creatures to their horror before Snow Leopard informs her that she stinks! She’s crushed and returns to her pond. 

A little sparrow lays into the others and reminds them how they felt when they were new to the zoo. The animals realize the error of their ways and quickly develop an apology plan. Seal happily discovers their apology letter/poem and their gift of peppermint shrimp (which apparently are real - Google it!) and the “kisses, pecks, smooches, and smackaroos” abound!

Check out Sealed with a Kiss for a great title around Valentine's Day or any other day when you want a sweet story.

The illustrator of this adorable story is none other than Olivier Tallec, who wrote and illustrated Who Done It? and Who What Where?, other books that I love! View Tallec's other books we own. 

The author of Sealed with a Kiss, Beth Ferry, has several other gems as well. View a list of Ferry's other titles.

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