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Girls Rule!

November 16, 2018

"Who run the world? Girls!"-Beyonce, Run the World

Lately, I've noticed an influx of children's books on women and the amazing things that they do and have done in the past. My favorite series that has come out over the past couple of years is Little People, Big Dreams. It's all about famous women as children. The biographies depict what they were like and the things they did when they were young. I love that Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara and Lisbeth Kaiser write about these women from a new perspective because it helps children connect with them and believe that they too can do something extraordinary themselves. My personal favorite of the series is Mother Teresa.

We have more wonderful books about women, too! Free as a Bird: The Story of Malala is a children's version of Malala's story.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls has one hundred short stories of amazing women—perfect inspiration before the kids head to bed!

Shaking Things Up also tells short stories in verse about fourteen young women around the world who have stood up for what they believe in. Their stories vary from those who have discovered prehistoric animals, fought for education rights, researched cancer treatments, and become the first female African American astronaut. It is illustrated by thirteen different women too!

Gloria's Voice teaches readers about Gloria Steinem and how she was raised by a mother that didn't pursue her goals, which inspired her to follow her dreams. Gloria became a journalist and created Ms., a magazine for women, about women, written by women, and designed by women.

These children's books are great for all ages because they give information about amazing, important people without overloading them with every detail of that person's life. It's a good place to start and decide if you might want to do some more research about each person.


Candice is a Children's Library Associate at the Looby Branch Library. She enjoys gardening, reading children's books, rainy days, and cheese. She spends much of her time at the library, but she's not mad about it. Check out when and where you can attend Story Time!