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Time to LEGO!

January 12, 2018

Registration for the 8th Annual LEGO Competition is open! Calling all brick builderskid, teen, and adult! 

As we gear up for the big day, many of you at home are likely already working on your masterpieces.  We’ve got a lot of talented builders returning this year, and I can't wait to see what themes y'all come up with: Nashville's famous construction zones?  MLS stadium bids?  
The Conference Center opens for public viewing at 2pm on Saturday, February 17th (along with performances by Mr. Bond).  Whether you compete or not, you’ll get to check out all the of LEGO creations on display, and help cast your vote for crowd favorite!  Register for the contest by clicking here, and be sure to review all the rules and details here, and then...start building!  

2017 Winners

2016 LEGO Contest Winning Entries
Did you know that LEGO bricks are a key part of one of the most Frankenstein-esque operations of the library?  The heads for our award winning marionette puppets are first sculpted by our in-house artists out of clay, and then placed into a custom-built LEGO container.  Then, we pour in a silicon solution into the LEGO container to create a negative mold of the head.   Lego is the perfect building material for this because it is leak-proof, and it allows us to build the container exactly to size, so we waste as little of the expensive silicon as possible. 
(The inspiration for this technique came from paleontologists who use it to cast dinosaur bones!)  Click here to see a stop motion video of this process.

Lego Books for All Ages: