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Notable New Books for Kids

November 28, 2017

Do you have a little one that loves construction? or cats? or anything cute at all? This is one of those winning books that will appeal to most toddlers and preschoolers! 


Bulldozer is back starring in his second book by Candace Fleming. I love the story but Eric Rohmann's art really pushes this book over the top! Bulldozer is surrounded by bigger construction vehicles (reminds me of a preschooler in a crowd of school aged kids). When Bulldozer tries to help, the big machines just laugh and send him on his way. Finally Crane finds some busy work and Bulldozer zooms off happily. 


When the big trucks look up a bit later, Bulldozer hasn't done a thing! So they lumber over and start teasing him about not being able to do this small job but they quickly realize he has found a much more imporant job. I'll just leave this picture here for you to figure it out yourself.

Super sweet story about empowerment for little ones! Check it out from your local library (or place it on hold by clicking the link below) and don't forget to check out Bulldozer's Big Day, too.


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