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Game over, Super Rabbit Boy!: Press Start! Series, Book 1

February 13, 2017

When my son discovered video games I thought we'd lost him to the world of pixels and sprites forever. Games were like candy for his eyeballs, and what kid doesn't like candy?

While it is hard to tear a kid away from a screen when they’re controlling a heroic avatar going on adventures in a neon fantasy land, it’s a little easier when they love books. Even if they don’t, Thomas Flintham’s Game over, Super Rabbit Boy! will help nudge your child toward the printed page (or, uh, ereader screen). This book combines the look of classic video games with the structure of a comic book to create an immersive story in which readers follow the carrot-powered Super Rabbit Boy as he tries to rescue Singing Dog from the clutches of King Viking. There’s a dash of choose-your-own adventure here, too, as Super Rabbit Boy works his way through six increasingly difficult levels which coincide nicely with chapter breaks.

Though it’s aimed at first and second grade readers, there’s plenty here for parents to enjoy, particularly those of us with fond memories of Nintendo and Sega Genesis. There’s even a little speedy little blue hedgehog who helps our hero along on his quest. This is just the first book in a series, and my son and I look forward to plenty more Super Rabbit Boy adventures in the future.