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Sandra Shelton, Former Owner of Hillsboro Village Shop, Pangaea

Podcast with Ken, Sarah, and guest Sandra Shelton

Hillsboro Village is a slice of heaven in Nashville's past, present, and future, and has seen a lot of change since its origins in the 1920s. A piece of that heaven that occupied the corner of 21st Ave S and Belcourt for just over 20 years was a unique shop called Pangaea.

They sold "clothing, jewelry, gifts, books, cards, toys, linens, mirrors, lamps, home décor, and Day of the Dead", according to Shelton, "a regular 5 & 10 cent store that costs a little more!"

There were ethnic influences, as well, from Mexican and Indian cultures. 

Interior of Pangaea shop
Interior of Pangaea shop.

Though this was not the first location for the store, the owner remained the same throughout its existence. Sandra Shelton was the sole owner of the business since it first opened in 1987 on Belmont Blvd, and tells an intriguing story about how all of her previous jobs trained her for running her own business.

For Women's History Month, we're sharing Sandra's story that covers her native Nashvillian roots through branching out on her own and starting her business.

Exterior view of Pangaea shop
Exterior view of Pangaea shop at 3203 Belmont Blvd.