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Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, Curator of "WWII POW Exhibit: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy?"

Back in the Day: Dr Elizabeth Taylor

In this episode, Ken and Sarah chat with Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, the curator of "Camp Forrest, TN - POW Exhibit: Friend, Enemy or Frenemy" that resided in Metro Archives from fall, 2022 through February, 2023.

Dr. Taylor is a best-selling author and retired higher-education administrator. For more than a decade, she researched topics such as WWII, the U.S. home front, and American government. Her research led her down the path of Camp Forrest and the P.O.W. camp that existed there during WWII. Learn about how her research turned into collecting valuable artwork, ephemera, and stories, and ultimately led to the interesting exhibit she curated.