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New Donelson Branch Library


No Party Like a Library Party

Opening a new library branch makes for a special day. And when an entire community comes out to celebrate — well, that’s pure joy.

More than 2,200 customers joined Monday’s opening to get their first look at the new Donelson branch, checking out more than 2,100 books and other materials.

If you didn’t get to join us for opening day, no worries — the new Donelson Branch Library is open seven days a week. (Plus, you can scroll through the opening day celebration photo album, above).

Growing with the Community

The new facility is more than 18,000 square feet larger, houses nearly 30,000 books and materials, and is open seven days a week.

Hastings Architecture ─ which served as the primary designer of the new branch ─ took inspiration from the mid-century character of the surrounding Donelson community, with cues from iconic “atomic age” motifs and graphic design. Messer Construction Co. served as the primary contractor for construction, using more than 1,655 cubic yards of concrete and 329 tons of steel to create a 24,000-plus square foot, two-level library facility.

The NPL Donelson team has also grown! They offer programming for all ages and take library programs and resources into Donelson’s neighborhoods to reduce transportation barriers to library access.

New Donelson Plaza rendering from

At the new location, customers can access:

  • Three dedicated program spaces
  • Six study rooms
  • Electric car charging 
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal Kiosk — learn more below
  • Outdoor hydration station for both pets and humans
  • More Spanish language materials 
  • Artwork by local artists, available for checkout: Donelson branch is NPL’s fourth location with a Metro Arts Lending Library collection
  • A mobile kitchen, sponsored by the Stones River Woman’s Club and open to partner organizations for cooking classes and demonstrations for all ages
  • Multilingual signage: The Southeast branch was the first in the NPL system to feature signs in both English and Spanish, which let additional patrons feel and know they are welcome at the library. The new Donelson branch expands this trend by featuring signs in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

An Eco-Friendlier Building

In partnership with Metro’s Department of General Services, NPL prioritized making the new branch an eco-friendlier space. The building achieved LEED Gold-certification, and has rooftop solar panels with 33.3 kW capacity; a geo-exchange system for more efficient heating and cooling; and a third-acre of open green space at its front door.

Meanwhile, Metro's Socket program takes visitors through an interactive exploration of all the new branch’s sustainability features.

Public Artwork

New Donelson branch also houses interior and exterior public artwork, thanks to a partnership with the Metro Nashville Arts Commission.

Scott Constable and Ene Osteraas-Constable, aka artist team Wowhaus, were selected by a citizen panel of Donelson area residents and stakeholders. The Metro Nashville Arts Commission approved their designs for Reverie, a series of Tennessee marble sculptures. Read more about the exterior art on Metro Arts' website here

Also selected by the citizen panel, local interdisciplinary artist Amber Lelli has created a sculpture — each element of which brings the beauty of Tennessee's ecosystem into the library — that is suspended inside the new building. You can read more about the art and artist here on Metro Arts' website.

Vehicle Registration Renewal Kiosk

Nearly 10 years ago, Tennessee’s first self-service vehicle registration renewal kiosk went online. Since then, nearly 100,000 Davidson County residents have used a kiosk, significantly reducing waitline times. That — along with increasing accessibility for all — was County Clerk Brenda Wynn’s hope upon implementing the program. She knew right away that NPL would be the ideal partner in the endeavor, and the library has indeed proven key in its success. 

Donelson is the fifth NPL location to host a renewal kiosk. Ms. Wynn and NPL are helping to close the geographical gap and make motor vehicle services more accessible across Davidson County.

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