How Do I Begin My Genealogy Research?

Starting research on your family tree? Welcome to the world of genealogy! Genealogy research requires a great deal of dedication, patience, and perseverance, but when you are able to connect with your own history and discover your family through old records, it becomes a rewarding experience.

The key to starting your genealogy research is to begin with the present and slowly move backwards. Begin with what you know, and ask any older relatives for more information. Family photographs, bibles, and letters are also valuable resources for discovering who your relatives were and where they came from.

There are a number of records you can search while tracing your ancestry, including vital records, court records, wills and inventories, and census records. For more information on how you can research genealogy here at Metro Archives, please see our Our Most Frequently Requested Records. Also, please browse through our Vital Records online.

Genealogy research can be intimidating, especially in the beginning. The Metro Archives staff can assist you in your search if you need it. Remember that the more information we have from you, the more effectively we will be able to help. However, if you require someone to do more in-depth and comprehensive research, then we recommend hiring a professional genealogist, as we do not have the staff required to dedicate the substantial amount of time needed for extensive genealogy research.

Sites like Family Search and Ancestry are also helpful places to search for records. For more online resources, please see our Links page.