Photos of Nashville Businesses

Tavern license for William Birdsong, 1796.

Tennessee Mills, 1875.

Whiteley's Popcorn Stand, Old Hickory, 1925.

Esso gas station, Nashville, 1940s.

Crafton's Funeral Home, 1942.

Cain-Sloan Co. ad, 1948.

Sears, Nashville, 1950.

Nero's Cactus Canyon ad, Hillsboro Rd., 1965.

Banner Cafe, 159 3rd Ave. N., n.d.


Jungerman Grocery delivery cart, c.1890s.

Lemay Grocery store, c.1940s.

Grand opening of McLellan's, 5th Ave., 1940s.

Martin & Paris Shell station, n.d.

M.S. Combs Funeral Home, n.d.

Nashville Mattress Co., n.d.

Nashville Coffee & Manufacturing Co., n.d.

Phillips 66 station, n.d.

Smith & Lamar ad, n.d.


Brother Pig Meat Market, n.d.

United Methodist Publishing House, c.1900

Castner Knott, n.d.

H.G. Hill Stores, Public Square, c.1950s.


Drake Hardware Store, n.d.

Edgefield Ice, c.1890s.


Fluty's Serivice Station, 3rd Ave. N., n.d.

United Methodist Publishing House, c.1900

William Gerst Brewing Co., c.1960s

William Gerst Brewing Co., early 1900s.


Joy Floral Co. ad, n.d.

Jim Reed Chevrolet, Broadway, c.1960s



St. Bernard Mining Co., ad, Arcade, n.d.

Tinsley's Millinery ad, n.d.

Werthan Packaging Co., n.d.

Bags produced by Werthan Packaging Co., n.d.


Loveman, Berger, and Teitelbaum at Christmas, n.d.

Market House, under construction.



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