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City of Nashville Records

Agreements, Loans, and Slaves, Descriptions of Slaves, 1831-1850

Airport Authority Records, 1954-1987
Board of Aldermen Records, 1861, 1862-1863, 1863-1864
Board of Civil Services and Pensions
Board of Health Reports
Board of Hospital Commissioners Meeting Minutes, 1957-1962
Board of Police & Fire Pension Commissioners, 1914-1923
City Attorney Papers
City Cemetery Deed Index, Alphabetical
City Cemetery Deed Index, Chronological
City Cemetery Deeds to Lots, Volume I (1843-1849)
City Cemetery Deeds to Lots, Volume II (1849-1855)

City Clerk Correspondence
City of Nashville Annual Reports
City of Nashville Minutes, 1861
City of Nashville Planning Minutes and Reports, 1932-1962
Fire Chief Rozetta Collection
Housing Authority, 1944-1987
Insurance Book for Nashville City Dwellings and Businesses, 1869-1870>
Municipal Auditorium Events
Nashville Water Works, 1878-1952
Police Death Indexes, 1948-1964
Police Department Arrest Blotters, 1902-1914

Police Department, Records of Sucides and Other Deaths, 1914-1934
Police Roster, Nashville Police Department, 1884

Tippling House Licenses, 1908-1909