Learn More About Public Programming

The AVHC strives to be a "living archive" - one that is as open as possible to community access. We are currently in the midst of a multi-year project to create an online catalog of our collection, so access to portions of our collection is limited until that catalog is complete.

While the online catalog is being completed, we continue to engage in focused community access events throughout the year. While we are not able to participate in all collaborations, we love to hear from you and we welcome your ideas!

We hold community archiving workshops, have an artist in residency program, and work with musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers wishing to incorporate archival materials into their work. If you have an idea for collaboration, contact our Audiovisual Archivist.

Current and Upcoming Public Programs

  • Community Archiving Workshop - Register for our third and biggest CAW!
  • Artist in Residence Program - Applications now open.
  • Chatterbird Music Ensemble 2019 - Dates TBD, please check back.
  • Past Programs

    Preservation Highlights:

  • The Sudekum Party Film: Generously funded by the National Film Preservation Foundation in 2017, this was our first major film restoration project. The project preserved a unique reel of nitrate film (now housed at the Library of Congress). To see the film click here.
  • Rangers Footage: Generously funded by the National Film Preservation Foundation in 2018, this project preserved the home movie footage of Vietnam veteran Wayne Mitsch. At the request of the donor, this footage is not publicly streaming at this time and available by request.
  • Selections from the James Kilgore Collection: James Kilgore was an avid amateur filmmaker and lifelong Nashville resident. His family generously donated his life's work to the AVHC. Spanning nearly a century, the collection documents the life of Mr. Kilgore and his family, including rare color footage shot during his time in Italy during WWII. This project was generously funded by the Al Larvick Fund. Selections from the collection can be streamed here.
  • Film Conservation Project: Generously funded by the NEH in 2018, this project supported the inspection, repair, identification, and conservation treatment of nearly 500 reels of endangered film in our collection. Through this project, films were identified for preservation, properly stored to increase their lifespan, and a healthier, cleaner storage environment was created for all of our collections.
  • Far Out Film Fest Screening:
  • We love film! All film. And we love the Far Out Film Festival. In 2018, we were pleased to show one our most unusual films at the festival - Bridgestone Arena Animation alongside the work of some of today's greatest experimental filmmakers. Learn more about the Far Out Fest here. See the Bridgestone Arena Animation footage here.
  • Community Archiving Workshops: AVHC holds abn annual Community Archiving Workshop (CAW) in our stunning third floor research room. The CAW provides a day of free training in audiovisual archiving to anyone in the community wishing to learn how to care for their collections. After the training session, volunteers get hands-on experience working with a local collection and enjoy viewing footage from the collection. To learn more about CAW, please visit the organization's website here. To sign up to be on our CAW mailing list, email Kelli Hix with the words "CAW EMAIL LIST" in the subject line.
  • Chatterbird Music Ensemble Collaboration: Nashville's Chatterbirt Music Ensemble creates innovative live music and film experiences by re-editing archival footage from the collection and performing live to silent footage. We have partnered with Cordell, OZ Arts, The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and the Music for Seniors program to bring these experiences to audiences all over Davidson County.
  • Oliver the Crow Music Video: Nashville-based band, Olivber the Crow2, created a music video using footage from the AVHC and from the African-American Home Movie Archive. See their video here and visit the collection of the AAHMA here.
  • Past Projects:

  • CAW 2015
  • CAW 2018
  • Chatterbird Music Ensemble Collaboration